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Technology with
Data-Driven Marketing


Linton Marketing (powered by Linton Consulting Inc) can help your organization boost its business technology.  Our team of applied experts and marketing practitioners can help you jumpstart, grow, and improve your business with the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP).

We are an Accredited Digital Advisor for CDAP.  We have helped several small to medium-sized Canadian companies access a $15,000 grant for a digital plan + plus a $100K interest-free-loan.

Get $15k Grant + $100k Loan + Youth Wage Subsidy.


Consulting Services

  • Business Model Engineering 

  • Readiness for Digital 

  • Marketing & Sales 

  • Technology & Systems​​


 Thought Leadership

  • Unique point-of-views

  • Industry research

  • Practitioner's perspectives

  • Real-life examples

  • Down-to-earth tips​​​

We make sense of complexity to help you plan and execute better.

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