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Meet Geoff Linton 
P.Eng, MBA, CM

Geoff works with executives to improve their Go-to-Market strategies and digital adoption. He is also a successful entrepreneur who sold his fast growing digital tech agency (Inbox Marketer Inc) to a private equity company in 2019. As Founder and CEO of Inbox Marketer he was intimately involved in all aspects of scaling a tech and services business that served clients across North America. Geoff was previously a Director of Client Services for the Loyalty Group/Air Miles which was sold privately in 1998. Geoff has a cross-section of experince working with enginerring consultants, manufacturers, agencies and professional services firms.

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In 1998, he moved to Guelph to be a College Professor in Marketing & Business Strategy at Conestoga College and follow his entrepreneurial passion. He owns the Connect Tech Hub building in downtown Guelph with a cross-section of scaleups that he coaches. In addition, he is a thought leader in the marketing industry and currently is the Co-Chair of the Canadian Marketing Association’s martech council.


Geoff holds both a P.Eng. and MBA from Queen’s University in Canada. He is actively involved in the Canadian Marketing Association and also has the Chartered Marketer designation.


Linton Consulting works across the country in with offices in Guelph, Toronto and Vancouver.

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